Our manufacturer ensures the conformity of the use of continuous spray coating for external use, through cork emulsion on walls and coverings for buildings with the aim to adequately meet the necessary requirements of the Technical Code for Construction..


CorkSol. has several recognized test certificates:


  • Test for external fire exposure to roofs: method with burning torches in accordance with UNE-ENV 1187:2003
  • Reaction to fire classification B-s2,dO
  • Reaction to fire test in accordance with UNE-EN 13823:2002 en UNE-EN ISO 11925-2:2002
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Reaction to fire classification Broof(t1) UNE-EN 13501-5:2005
  • Difference in colour after ageing in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 4892-3:2006
  • Pull-off test for adhesion UNE-EN ISO 4624:2003
  • Determination of liquid water permeability UNE-EN 1062-3:2008  Determination of water vapour transmission properties UNE-EN 12086:1998
  • Determination of compression behaviour UNE-EN 826:1996  Determination of tensile strength perpendicular to faces UNE-EN 1607-1997
  • Determination of modulus of elasticity in bending and of bending strength UNE-EN 310-1994
  • Determination of dimensional stability under specified temperature and humidity conditions UNE-EN 1604-1997


All these certificates are available, please contact us.


All this proves that we are the most complete and recognised technical option. By having the ENAC-brand accreditation on reports and certification, recognised companies can publicly declare that they have complied with the accreditation requirements. Users can be issued with documents relating to approved activities (test reports, certificates etc) which are clearly supported by the ENAC brand. With this brand on the reports and certifications, you can easily rely on the advantages of that accreditation, including international recognition.