Tackle long-term moisture problems

Many façades become heavily deteriorated over time. Paint flakes due to moisture because the excess of moisture can’t be dispersed of by ventilation. Until now, regular painting was the only solution to renovate the aesthetic aspect of a façade, however this is without improving the thermal insulation of the building to solve the moisture problem. Prevention is better than cure.


Buildings that are covered with spray cork have a particular appearance and colour. On top of that, spray cork corrects all thermal shortcomings, such as thermal bridges that cause internal condensation, the stepping-stone to the forming of mould/fungi, saltpetre, etcetera… As a result, the inside of the building becomes a more stable, healthier environment for its inhabitants. Due to the lack of or bad insulation, many buildings are unnecessarily overheated. Renovation with spray cork is the ideal solution to achieve the perfect internal temperature in your building, while minimizing heating costs. Depending on your geographical location, a difference between 5°C up to 8°C can be achieved between the inner and outer temperature.


Spray cork will never develop a negative temperature (even if it freezes outside) and it will never achieve a temperature above 30°C