About CorkSol.

We are the pioneers in spray cork on the Belgium market


CorkSol., before Quali-Kurk, is the pioneer of spray cork in Belgium and Luxemburg.  We introduced in 2012 this revolutionary natural product to coat the façades in Belgium. The potential applications of spray cork will continue to expand.


The various potential applications of spray cork will surely continue to expand all over Europe.

What do we do?


CorkSol. distributes exclusively in Belgium and Luxemburg, the quality cork from CORKwall and Vipeq F10, the original products and the future global market leaders.


More and more painters and plasterers are discovering the advantages of spray cork for inside or outside use and take this solution into their product range.  Spray cork for inside has a finer structure.  In addition, spray cork is also a suitable product for companies who use industrial coatings and recover the old asbestos sites.


We are assisting these specialized companies –  our customers, – intensively with advice and training. Spray cork has tremendous benefits, but it does require a professional installation. After the necessary training we provide our customers the certificate from CorkSol.


We are open to any possible collaboration on innovative applications and developments in regards to this unique spray cork.

Original Spanish product


In Spain, spray cork for outside plastering was established fifteen years ago.

On Spanish houses/real estates you will immediately notice the difference if the object was treated with quality cork from CORKwall and Vipeq F10 or one of the many other inferior imitations.


The founders of CorkSol., for many years engaged in the construction industry in Spain, decided to return to their home country in Belgium.


Convinced of the potential of spray cork for the other European countries and in particular Belgium, they deliberately chose the original CORKWall and Vipeq F09 that exceeds quality and durability.

A young but dynamic company, that only chooses the best materials available on the markets


CorkSol. is a young, dynamic and fast growing company. We believe, absolutely beyond a doubt,  in the versatility of spray cork in construction. We specialize entirely in this unique material.  Our product range consists of spray cork and associated by-products.


Our customers can count on our full support and expertise to correctly use the spray cork. Together we vouch for an absolute unique quality product and placement structure.

100 %

Do you, as a specialized company, want to offer this spray cork to your customers?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a possible collaboration.