• Façades

Renovation and insulation in one. Flaking paint, peeling pointing and plastering belong to the past. Treated façades and walls with spray cork create a new façade and for the same price it is also isolated. Better, stronger and more durable than all existing and customary finishing systems such as plastering, silicone plaster, etc …

  • Frontage / rear façade with rain

The spray cork Waterproof System: guaranteed 100% waterproof and insulated dry walls. Beautiful new walls with a perfectly-saving insulation and a gain on sale!

  • Interior Walls & Ceilings

Thermal and acoustic insulation. Suitable for a modern / trendy interior and in a classic interior. Available in a fine grain specially designed for interior finishing. Available in many colors.

  • Stair Hall

No more hollow sounds in your staircase, spray cork is acoustic.

  • Cellars

Musty damp basements regain a healthy environment. By treating it with spray cork fungi, bacteria and pests are excluded.

  • Roofs

Suitable for flat roofs, platforms, pans and dirty slate.

  • Gardenhouse

Protected against all weather conditions and extend service life.