Application form can be through projection.


Touch drying                                     30 minutes (20ºC room temperature)

Total drying                                      12-24 hours (3-8mm layer)

Performance                                    1,4-1,8 Kg/m2 (thickness variation)

Application temperature               10ºC a +50ºC (rainless)


The substrate on which the installation will take place must be clean, levelled out, without water stagnation, and with sufficient mechanical strength.


In the case of openings (cracks) in the upper 3 mm substrate, these should be treated prior to installation.


The mixture of the product with a suitable helical mixer should be carried out in the following order; 15 minutes after the addition of the colourless reagent (and colour, if applicable); add water using the measurement of the colourless reagent bottle, if necessary.


The product should be installed in two coats with a gap between them of no less than 3 hours; in the case of low temperatures and high humidity, this period can be up to 12 hours.


Installing CORKwall requires technique, training, and skilled/ professional work. The indications above are indicative and should be determined and defined for each case.


The product should not be exposed to sunlight and temperatures outside the range of  +10 ° C to 45 ° C.


Shelf life: 12 months.