Renovate and decorate with spray cork

Spray cork is the ideal replacement for traditional renovation systems.  This is due to its wide variety of possible applications, it’s also useable as a decorative material. The difference can also be seen in price!  In addition, the appearance is spectacular!  Unlike paint (cork prevents flaking caused by moisture) and cement render (cork prevents cracks), cork also offers thermal and sound insulation, it breathes and is water-repellent.  The manufacturer offers a warranty lasting 10 years relating to the  quality of the delivered product, which is only applied by certified installers.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Anti-condensation and reduction of thermal bridges
  • Sound insulation (noise reduction up to 8 to 10 decibels)
  • Repair and encapsulation of outer layers (fibre-cement and plates), focused on aesthetic renovation. Spray cork also delivers thermal & sound insulation, and sealing.
  • Protection and repair of roofing. Thermal insulation prevents wear and tear.
  • Long durability. The weather conditions don’t impact the durability of spray cork and annual paint jobs are no longer required.
  • Prevents rupture and cracking of facades.
  • Suitable for all applications that require better thermal insulation and/or an improved appearance.