The Anti-Graff system

Protection of façades against graffiti, paint, markers, spray etc …


Graffiti is in many cases a form of self-expression or art. But sometimes it can also be an expression of displeasure, and it’s just messy, it should either be removed or be painted.

With the Anti-Graff the façade is now permanently protected with a invisible, transparent film. It does not change the color of the surface, it makes it water and fat resistant and protect against external wear.

You get burgled of graffiti artists or painters protest? No problem: You can erase the tracks in no time with a solvent. Moreover, this cleaning product does not affect the protective film.

Anti-Graff is a liquid product for ceramic, stone, marble or granite surfaces, or to protect any kind of stone or ceramic material in general.


Briefly summarized:


• Durable: the façade stays free from graffiti three times longer

• Quick to apply: in one single layer

• Effective after 24 hours (the surface is fully protected)

• Invisible: it doesn’t change the appearance of the façade

• Easy to clean with a solvent

• Waterborne, therefore environmentally friendly